Freight Intelligent Transportation System

The South Fulton CID is working on a group of projects that support an intelligent transportation system (ITS). The ITS will improve the freight corridor along SR 74 to McLarin Road through technology and roadway enhancements, and it will relieve congestion and mobility around Fairburn’s CSX intermodal terminal.

The ITS system will alert trucks to the presence of a train and direct them to an alternate route to access businesses along the corridor. It will also direct trucks to the Fairburn Travel Center while they are waiting for a train to clear the tracks.

The basic ITS architecture and communications network for near-term and long-term deployments of the Freight ITS project for the area surrounding the CSX Fairburn Intermodal Center is included in this Concept of Operations document.

Due to the substandard nature of SR 74 and the ramps connecting it to McLarin Road and US 29/Roosevelt Highway, communicating detours designed to accommodate truck traffic will be on roadways.

There are a series of projects that will accompany the ITS, including:

  • • Improving the intersection ramp connecting SR 74 and McLarin Road (0.1 miles)
  • • Repaving and re-striping the ramp
  • • Adding a channelized island to the ramp
  • • Raising the visibility of signage directing vehicles to the ramp to access McLarin Road
  • • Creating an acceleration lane for the ramp connecting SR 74 and US 29 for vehicles turning southbound onto US 29
  • • Resurfacing McLarin Road from Williams Road to the SR 74-McLarin Road Connector (2.2 miles). Resurfacing includes re-striping the roadway and adding paved shoulders


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